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            Poetry books: Translations from Memory (Carcanet, UK, 2018)

                                     The Rose of Toulouse (Carcanet, UK, 2013). 

                                    Continental Shelf Carcanet, UK, 2009.

                                    An English Sampler: Selected & New Poems, Chatto and Windus,  London, 2001.

                                    Bill of Rights Chatto and Windus, London, 1998. Reprinted 1998.

                                    British Subjects  Bloodaxe, London, 1993.

                                    Airy Hall  Chatto and Windus, London, 1989.

                                    Mama Dot  Chatto and Windus, London, 1985, reprinted 1989.

            Novels:           Children of Paradise (HarperCollins, USA, forthcoming February 2014; Granta (UK) Feb. 2014)

                                    Bethany Bettany (Chatto, UK, 2003; Vintage, UK, 2004)

                                    Bloodlines (Chatto, UK, 2000. Overlook Press, US 2001)

                                    Feeding the Ghosts  Chatto and Windus, London, 1997. Ecco Press, USA, 1999; Reissued by Granta in 2014)

Five translations to date: German (Berlin Verlag, 1998); Danish (Fremad, Copenhagen, 1998); French (Plon, Paris, 1999); Spanish (Andreos Bellos, 2001); Hebrew (Am Oved, 2000).

                   Dear Future  Chatto and Windus, London, March 21, 1996. Pbk. ed. Vintage U.K., 1997. Pantheon (U.S. Hbk. '96.) Avon, (U.S. Pbk. Feb. 1998) Four translations: German (Berlin Verlag),  Danish (Fremad), Portuguese (Edicoes), Italian (Einaudi).

The Longest Memory Chatto and Windus, London, 1994, paperback edition Vintage U.K., 1995; U.S.: Pantheon, New York, 1995, paperback edition Avon, Feb. 1996; Twelve translations: German - Berlin Verlag, 1995; French - Plon, Paris, 1996; Italian - Giulio Einaudi, 1996; Portuguese Edicoes Asa, Portugal,1996; Portuguese, Record, Brazil 1998; Turkish - Ozgur Yayinlari, 1996; Greek - Psichogios, Athens, 1995; Danish - Fremad, Copenhagen, 1996; Dutch - De Gues, Amsterdam, 1996; Hebrew - Am Oved, 1997; Swedish - Leander & Malmsten, 1997; Spanish (Andreos Bellos, 2000).


                                    A Jamaican Airman Forsees His Death.  Published as ‘Black Plays 3’Methuen London, 1995.

                                    Day and Nights in Bedlam BBC Radio 4, 2006.

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War on Terror

Lasts for as long as nightmares 

paint behind the eyelids


long as a measure of cord

cut from a navel remains buried


under a tamarind tree


not long after the eyes wash away 

last night’s paint


no longer than a piece of string 

tied at a navel


The Saturday poem

           At Sea

All night I rock, twist and turn.

I wish it was my baby who was on my mind.

Blame that two-week crossing of the Atlantic

By boat back in '62, from England to Guyana,

When I learned to rock and roll effortlessly,

And the world, the whole liquid enterprise of it,

Seemed to be going someplace, leaving me

Behind or in the middle of nowhere,

At a point that kept the horizon exactly

In the distance and brought dolphins to the side

Then sent them off, and saw whales dipping

And rising together, relocating an archipelago

Of sudden springs that died as suddenly

As begun, as they headed away, always away

From me, dancing in reluctant sways, swivels

And spins on the spot, in a world of flux.

• From Continental Shelf by Fred D'Aguiar


The Rose of Toulouse (Carcanet, 2013) Cover, Ballot Boxes, by Stanley Greaves.


I wish those tall ships at Africa's shore
Had dropped anchor to plant crops there:
Sugarcane, tobacco, cotton and coffee.

Instead they filled the hungry bellies
Of hulls with Africans and set sail
Wanting nothing from that big place

That wasn't diamond, gold, ivory, flesh.
I wind the clocks back and turn the ships
Around, not a single bullet, whip, or cutlass

Sound to deafen our ears for centuries.
No Atlantic road of bones from people
Dumped into the sea to form a wake.


from The Rose of Toulouse by Fred D'Aguiar, published by Carcanet

For Carol Rumens' discussion of the poem, Boy Soldier, see:

About the Author

Fred D'Aguiar's previous collections of poetry include:  
Mama Dot (1985); Airy Hall (1989); British Subjects (1993); Bill of Rights (1998); and An English Sampler: New and Selected Poems (2001). A recent collection, Continental Shelf (Carcanet, 2009) was a U.K. Poetry Book Society Choice and was shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize. D'Aguiar is also the author of five novels, the first of which, The Longest Memory, won the 1994 Whitbread First Novel Award. His plays include, two for stage, High Life and A Jamaican Airman Foresees His Death; and two for radio, Days and Nights in Bedlam and Mr Reasonable.